Microcement Floors

Microcement Floors

Microcement floors, with a thickness of only 2-3mm Microcement is a cement based coating that can be applied to both floors, walls and ceilings. This type of coating is also rated with a high absorption resistance and thanks to its excellent bonding power microcement can be applied to almost any kind of stable substrate, including ceramics. These properties also allow microcement to be applied on existing concrete flooring with a fast surface renewal, saving time and money.

Unlike most floorings and vertical coating solutions, microcement is completely customisable with an extremely wide range of colors as well as the possibility to create desired patterns. Moreover at Microcement Supplies UK we can guarantee that every job has its own unique signature that highlights the quality of your flooring and wall finishes. Microcement floors are always truly unique. The finish can also be waterproof on the visible surface, which makes it suitable in locations such as kitchens, bathrooms, showers, wetrooms or even as coatings for bathtubs.

Reiterating the advantages it is important to include the fact that being only 3 to 4mm thin the flooring can be applied without the need to shorten your doors. Another important advantage is that this can be applied quickly and can be walked on the very next day! Because of its thinness and high adherence, Microcement does not crack under any circumstances by itself. The only possible cracks may appear only if the base is subject to some settling movement or to a significant expansion. We recommend using fibre mesh on floors.

Want a special look for your stairs? Microcement can also be applied on stairs but at Microcement Supplies UK we recommend applying a metal corner which can be internal, embedded in the base mortar or external as a decorative element.

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7 Responses

  1. Eric kinder

    Hi I’m in the plastering trade and have been looking into installing your products in wondering if you have any samples available

  2. William

    I am interesting in all your products, i have no plastering skills and would to know if you have any upcoming training course for beginners.

  3. john paton

    Very keen to find out more about this fantastic product. Is it possible to purchase some samples

  4. Andrew Kerr

    Hi, I am a builder looking for a polished concrete effect for a screed floor. Do you have a showroom where I could see the various colours and effects of your finishes ?

  5. Chris Mack

    Hello, can a levelling screed be used under microcement on top of a plywood floor. If so, what’s the min/max thickness it can be spread?

  6. James McCulloch


    I am interested in the micro cement. But need to build up the screed around 20mm. Can you recommend a product that I can build the floor up with that will cope with under floor heating? I have about 100m2 to do. I was going to tile it…

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