Microne Waterproof Ready Mixed Microcement

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The Microne Microcement line is characterized by being ready to use and waterproof in paste. Ready to use since it does not need resin or water for its preparation. Just add the colour and mix. Thanks to its high impermeability, it is not necessary to apply several layers of sealant to protect it. A single coat of sealer is enough to prevent dust and stains. In addition, possible marks of the roller and those produced by the absorption of the surface are avoided. Obviously, the execution times of the work are considerably reduced, as they do not require fillers, layers of varnish or waiting times between coats.

Ideal for humid places such as bathrooms, shower trays or outdoors since it does not darken due to water. It has great adhesion on different supports and very good resistance to wear. Easy workability and application. Not suitable for swimming pools or surfaces in continuous immersion. Microne can be tinted with any colour from our colour chart.

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  1. Paul traynor

    How much does it cost on average per sq metre and do u just ship around uk or anywhere in the world?

  2. paul walton

    Hi there , what is approx m2 price please ? 20-30 m2 required
    how many coats need to be applied ?
    I want to try a bathroom first as a trial but have large floor areas and wet rooms that i may do on another job if sucessfull ( 300 + m2 ) would floors be same ready mix product ?

  3. Eden Myall

    Hi there,

    I’d also like to know the price per square metre. My bathroom is around 22 m2.

  4. Elton Bush

    I am interested in using either Microcement or the ready mixed version in a shower cubicle (about 8m2) Can someone contact me with a price and details please

  5. R West

    Hi…i have a microcement worktop and unfortunately it suffered some water damage to the substrate below, can I buy a repair kit or would the ready mixed be OK to use? I would only need a few cupfulls so could I buy a smaller amount?

  6. Sally Smith

    Hi please send me price and delivery times. U gave 8 small wet rooms of 2 square metres each, thanks!

  7. Jack Morrison

    Please advise price m2
    We have approx 15 m2 floor and 20 m2 walls

  8. richard furlong

    I have some external stairs that need covering as well as waterproofing. I wasbconsidering waterproofing first and adding the micro cement finish after. Do you think this is needed?? can you send me a price list please

  9. James

    Hi, could you let me know £/M2, and which colours you have available please?

  10. Ben Hughes


    I have a 30 square meter kitchen floor. Currently has laytex floor with water based epoxy painted finish. Can easily remove plinths and ends to kitchen cabinets, but can you go upto Skirting boards? Or would it need room for expansion. Can you give an idea on the number of coats needed and ballpark figure for cost of materials?

  11. louise

    What is the price per m2 and can a plasterer put this on walls? Also what are the colour options? From the UK.

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