Aqua-Seal 20
Aqua-Seal 20   5lt + 1lt

Two-component water-based polyurethane varnish with very high hardness and chemical resistance, ideal for high traffic surfaces. Very high resistance to scratching and chemical agents such as bleach, or vinegar. No absorption of wine, coffee or oil stains. It has a higher solids content than most water based sealers, so it provides greater filling capacity with a more resistant finish. Very fast drying, it is recommended to make partial blends. It must be previously sealed with our Maxi-Prime. Suitable for exteriors and interiors.

For best results always use Maxi-Prime acrylic sealer before Aqua-Seal 20
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Maxi-Seal 50
Maxi-Seal 50
Maxi-Seal 50   4lt + 2 lt

Maxi-Seal 50 is an acrylic solvent-based polyurethane two component (A + B) . Maxi-Seal 50 is suitable for continuous protection of cement based coatings on interior and exterior high traffic , exhibits increased resistance to water based polyurethane.

For best results always use Maxi-Prime acrylic sealer before Maxi-Seal 50.

Finish: Gloss, Satin & Matt

Approx Coverage: 1lt per 7sqm

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