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Microcement is a two-components (A+B) continuous coating. A is the powder component (the preparation mortar, Microcement Base and the finishing mortar, Microcement Fine & Medium). B is the liquid component, Concentrated liquid, a water-based resin.

Microcement  is formulated with hydraulic binder, selected aggregates, synthetic resins, specific additives and pigments.

Once mixed, it offers a thin coating, great mechanical resistance and strong adherence on any kind of surface: concrete, cement mortars, ceramic, plaster, plaster plasterboard.


•  Continuous decorative coating.
•  It can be applied on any kind of surface: concrete, cement,     mosaics, ceramic, all excepted wood
•  Excellent workability.
•  Great range of colours and finishes. Smooth or
structured finishes.
•  Strong adherence to the surface.
•  Quick application and ready for use.

Conditions for application

a) Preparing the support:
The support must be clean and free from dust and grease, the surface must be sound and firm, and in good levelness conditions. It does not generally need to be primed; however, in specific conditions, it is recommended to use adherence promoters.

b) The mix:
Microcement is prepared from a powder component (microcement base for the preparation of the works and microcement fine for the finish) and a liquid component. These two components must be mixed homogeneously according the following proportions:

•  Microcement Base (microcement base: preparation mortar) 10 kg of powder must be mixed with 3 liters of concentrated liquid
•  Microcement Fine (microcement fine: finishing mortar): the mix will be done as follows; for 10 kg of powder approximately 4.5     liters of liquid will be used

The mortar must be prepared as follows:
1. Pour little amount of resin (component B) into a container, then add the quantity of pigment required according to the     amount of microcement to be used, and then mix them up until a uniform colour is achieved.
2. Pour gradually the Microcement powder (component A). Add the powder as the product is mixed with a slow speed mixer
3. Mix for at least 2 minutes until the mortar is smooth and free of lumps.

c) Consumption:
Coverage depends on the type of material to be coated and whether the application is horizontal or vertical. Applications on floor surfaces require more material.

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  1. Amjad

    Good Day,
    Can i bay your products in Saudi Arabia. if not cab you send the materials to Saudi.
    I am looking do do the floor and the wall for my showroom by microcement.

    looking to hear from you


  2. Andrew furniss

    hi how much would it cost in materials to do 30 square meters to plasterboard and 10 square on concrete in grey cheers Andy

  3. thomas


    do you have a distributor in denmark, i have not seen this product before anywhere
    i am looking forward to hear more info and prices from you

    best regards

    thomas Madsbjerg
    kjærlund og vester

    • Microcement-Supplies

      Hi Thomas,

      We can deliver to Denmark by the pallet, just let us know what you need and we can do a quote for you including delivery.

      Paul Hornsby
      Microcement Supplies UK

  4. Alaa khiri

    can you deliver Microcement to Egypt I need a quantity to applied in walls, floors, swiming pool walls and floors( with your advice to finishing coat yo the swiming pool)
    the whole quantities of applied surfaces is 3000 m2 .
    please quote me your best price alexandria port , Eggypt

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